Understanding Wealth Creation (Aje) Through the Concept of Yoruba Traditional Religion

Finally she asked Ile if she could ease herself and Ile gave her permission to ease herself since Ile owned every inch of the ground or earth.  When Riri defecated on the ground it was wealth, profit, and essentially, money that came out. The wealth, profit and money became a spirit Aje and she entered the ground.  Anytime anyone wanted to make profit in commerce, or wanted to become rich it was the spirit Aje that the person must call upon.  It is the belief of the Yoruba that Aje enters the market unannounced and goes to the stall of whomever she wants hence the Yoruba saying “Aje a wo ‘gba”. That is, “May profit enter your business.” Also the saying “Aje arin gini gini w’oja” is common among the Yoruba.This phrase merely refers to the quiet unannounced way in which the spirit ‘Aje’ enters the Yoruba market.If Aje enters one’s business then one will make a profit. Imagine if Aje was to reside permanently in one’s commercial business venture. That individual will become a wealthy man and Aje will receive the accolades, Even the phrase “omo alaje ni” which means this person has the benevolence of aje is a common phrase among the Yoruba.


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