Understanding Wealth Creation (Aje) Through the Concept of Yoruba Traditional Religion

The babalawo consulted the Ifa oracle and the oracle prescribed a sacrifice to Orunmila, the progenitor of Ifa. Orunmila. Riri was asked to offer the following items as sacrifice to Orunmila – two fish, two hens, and two goats. Orunmila was pleased with the sacrifice and Riri became pregnant. She gave birth to three children namely: Oja- the Yoruba open air market, Ona – the Yoruba Street, and Ile – the ground. One day, Riri wanted to ease herself and asked Oja if she could allow her to ease herself in the market. Oja refused by saying that the market is for trading and she could not allow Riri to defecate anywhere in the market. Riri then turned to Ona with the same request and Ona turned her down saying that the street is not a place for Riri to defecate.


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