the Oriki (or praise names) of Aje: I will render it in Yoruba:Aro

In concluding this speech some of the salient qualities surrounding the concept of Aje are the belief in Yoruba traditional religion, and in Aje as a goddess of wealth, trade and money. An individual must also seek divine guidance from the Babalawo (the Priest of Ifa) who would guide the person in the appropriate business, trade or even work to choose.  The spiritual entity known as ‘ori’ or one’s head often points to the issue of fate in a person’s life. If one has chosen to be rich when one gets to this earth the Yoruba believe that the person would most certainly be rich. We should not wait for Olokun Festival or Odun Aje before we venerate this important Yoruba goddess of business, trade, and money. The attributes of traditional Yoruba financial cooperatives such as esusu, aro, and ajo could still be used in modern day business and finance provided they are modified to fit the needs of the people within an Internet world. We are all aware of financial banks such as mortgage banks, cooperative banks, and even farmer’s banks. They should aid the business venture and entrepreneurial spirit of trade and industry. Esusu, ajo, and aro are all based on cooperation. Aje, the spirit of wealth could be harnessed to help in the creation of wealth by the use of the concept of tradition, religion, culture, and cooperation. The modern way to wealth is through Aje the goddess of wealth creation, and the attendant traditional Yoruba religion upon which her understanding rests.

May the spirit of Aje continue to reside with each one of us. Ase.


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